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Computer Vision Syndrome in Northeast Philadelphia

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In this day and age, computers, smart phones and similar technologies are everywhere. Many hours are spent by most of us, either during our leisure time or for work, looking at the lighted screen of a computer or smart phone. Recently, the incidence of Computer Vision Syndrome has gone up significantly. As much as 90 percent of all people who consistently work with computers suffer from eye strain and other symptoms. These symptoms often lead to physical fatigue, decreased productivity and increased work errors. Minor annoyances, such as eye twitching and red eyes, have also been reported.

Fortunately, our outstanding Philadelphia eye care staff has shared a few steps steps you can take to reduce your risk of computer eye strain and other common symptoms of computer vision syndrome:

  • Computer Vision Syndrome in Northeast PhiladelphiaMove your work space around a bit. With a bit of rearrangement, a new work space configuration can help your eyes more easily deal with strain associated with working all day on the computer. First, attempt to minimize the impact of light coming in from outside by simply closing the shades. Also, if possible, place your computer screen with windows to the outside off to the side, rather than behind or in front of it. This reduces strain on your eyes from bright sunlight that streams in through the window and may cause your eyes discomfort.
  • Set your monitor settings to maximize comfort. Monitor settings, when set incorrectly, can also do a great deal to detract from your visual comfort while on the computer. LCD screens are always preferable to the old-style tube screens, since they have a reduced flicker rate, and are often non-glare. Your computer's display settings should be set correctly as well. Brightness, text size, contrast and color temperature all add to or diminish your experience.
  • Finally, annual eye exams are an absolutely essential. This is true no matter what eye condition is being treated or prevented. Those who work most of their days on the computer should have an eye exam before they start working, and every year after that, so that their eye doctor can keep track of changes, and treat symptoms as they are diagnosed. Also, speak to us about custom computer glasses to help deal with computer eye strain.

For more information, make an appointment to see us at Fox Chase Family Eye Care, in Philadelphia, today!

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