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Computer Glasses and Lenses

Get a Pair or Computer Eyeglasses in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Computer  glasses are a specialty type of eyeglasses that are completely different, in many important ways, from regular eyeglasses and reading glasses. These differences are what help make computer glasses an indispensable part of maintaining both your short term visual comfort and long term visual health in a world in which many of us spend significant amounts of each and every day staring at a computer screen.

computer eyeglasses

Computer screens are generally positioned about 20-26 inches from your eyes, in what is considered your “intermediate” zone of vision. The traditional types of eyeglasses are not meant to make intermediate viewing of the type required by computer work comfortable, often leading to blurred vision, eyestrain and headaches after extended computer use. By contrast, computer glasses are made specifically to help your eyes focus at this intermediate range, making computer viewing over an extended period of time more comfortable.

Another thing that makes computer viewing uncomfortable, and even potentially sight-threatening in the long run is something called “blue light,” which has been known to cause eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. Recent studies also point to growing evidence that blue light exposure has the potential to increase a person's risk of macular degeneration over time.

Often computer glasses are equipped with special coatings or lenses, such as Blu-Tech lenses, that are made specifically to filter harmful blue light, so that it does not reach your eyes. This makes extended computer use more comfortable and reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration in the future.

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