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Fox Chase Family Eye Care is committed to providing high-quality eye care services to patients of all ages. Our team is led by Dr. Uri Schechter, who is a highly experienced and skilled eye doctor.


Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Fox Chase Family Eye Care, we understand the importance of regular eye exams. That is why we offer comprehensive eye exams that are designed to identify any potential vision problems and ensure that your eyes are healthy.

During your eye exam, Dr. Schechter will carefully review your medical history and conduct a thorough examination of your eyes. He will also use high-quality retinal imaging technology, such as the Claris Zeiss Retinal imaging system, to take detailed images of your retina.

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Range of Services We Offer

In addition to providing comprehensive eye exams, we also offer a range of services to help patients with visual comfort and specific visual needs. For example, we offer the neurolens, which is a specialized lens that can help patients who experience headaches, dizziness, and fatigue as a result of visual problems.

We can also help identify the right optics, lenses, and prescriptions for your specific lifestyle, whether you need vision correction for sports, work, or other activities.

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Excellent Pediatric Eye Doctor in Philadelphia

At Fox Chase Family Eye Care, we are proud to have Dr. Schechter on our team. Not only is he an excellent pediatric eye doctor, but he is also great at communicating with both parents and children. We are happy to see patients of all ages, including young children who may need special care and attention.

If you are looking for high-quality eye care services in the Fox Chase area, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schechter.