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Kids’ Eye Doctor in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

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Expert Eye Exams for Kids in Northeast Philadelphia

Routine kids’ eye exams are a great way to help your child succeed in school! Eye care specialists estimate that about 80% of classroom learning is taught visually. An undiagnosed vision condition therefore compromises your child’s ability to keep up and succeed in school, as well as impacts proper development and coordination. At Fox Chase Family Eye Care, located in Northeast Philadelphia, we will check your child’s visual system thoroughly to identify any problems.

Our highly qualified optometrist, Dr. Uri Schechter, will evaluate the full range of your kid’s visual capabilities. This includes assessing eye-hand coordination, eye mobility, near and far vision, peripheral eyesight and eye teaming. We want your child to have a pleasant, positive eye care experience, and Dr. Schechter is skilled at treating children with a gentle, friendly manner.

At the start of our pediatric eye exams, we’ll meet with you to hear about your kid’s medical case history, any ocular diseases in the family and current allergies or medications. We’ll encourage you to share any of your concerns about your child’s vision, and we’ll answer your questions patiently and comprehensively. We believe that a good partnership between patient and eye doctor is the foundation for quality kids’ eye care.

More info about our kids’ eye examinations in Northeast Philadelphia:

When to schedule pediatric eye exams

The following guidelines were set by the American Optometric Association (AOA):

  1.    First eye exam at a half-year old
  2.    Second eye exam at 3 years of age
  3.    Third eye exam before entering school, at 5-6 years old

If your child doesn’t need vision correction, it’s recommended to have routine follow-up eye exams performed about every two years. However, if your child needs eyewear (eyeglasses or contact lenses) to see clearly, experts advise annual examinations.

Common vision conditions diagnosed in children

The most typical diagnoses in kids are refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Strabismus, which refers to a misalignment of the eyes, is also a usual problem, and when left untreated it may progress into amblyopia (“lazy eye”). Strabismus is often resolved using vision therapy and eye exercises, and surgery may be indicated for more severe cases. With amblyopia, the dominant eye may be patched in order to fortify the weaker eye.

Other usual vision conditions that Dr. Schechter may detect include convergence insufficiency, trouble with binocularity (eye-teaming problems), computer eyestrain and accommodation difficulty, which refers to an inability to switch between far and near vision smoothly. All of these disorders can interfere with necessary learning skills, such as reading and writing.

After your child’s comprehensive eye exam, we will share all of our findings with you and discuss the best vision treatment or therapy.

We look forward to looking closely at your kid’s eyes!

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