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Pupil dilation

Your annual eye examination may include the use of drops that will dilate your eyes. These medicated eye drops will grow the pupils of your eyes. This dilation will allow your optometrist a better view of the insides of the back of your eyes. These dilating drops take around 20 minutes to start their dilation. Once your pupils have been fully dilated, you will be very sensitive to light. This is because more light can enter your eyes. You may also notice everything is fuzzy or blurry causing  difficulty reading and focusing on close objects. These effects can last for up to several hours, depending on the strength of the drops used.

If You don't often wear sunglasses or your if you do not bring a pair to wear after the eye exam, disposable sunglasses will be provided to help you drive home. Having your eye dilated during your annual eye exam is essential for those at with risk factor for various eye disease. This is because it provides a more thorough means evaluation of the health of the inside of your eyes.