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The Amazing Benefits of SPECS4US Specialty Glasses Frames

Specs4Us logoEvery child deserves to see comfortably in his or her everyday life. Unfortunately, for children with Down Syndrome, traditionally made glasses do not take into consideration the special measurements required for maximum comfort.  This is where Specs4Us comes in! These specially designed frames are made to fit children and adults with Down Syndrome and others with special needs.

We now carry SPECS4US eyewear. We are the only practice in the Philadelphia area that has them!

Founded in 2004, SPECS4US is the brainchild of Maria Dellapina, a single mother of four children (among them Erin, who has Down Syndrome) with over 25 years of experience in the optical field.  SPECS4US was born as the result of two long and stressful years of searching, in vain, for just the right frame to fit her daughter, Erin. Try as she might, she couldn't find frame options that Erin felt comfortable in, that wouldn't slip and didn't look too big. Maria's unique solution was to use her knowledge and passion as both an optician and mother to help Erin and others like her have access to appropriately fitting frames that would meet their special fitting needs. A brief four years later, the very first shipment of Erin’s World frames arrived. This specially designed frame accommodated the unique facial features of children and adults with Down Syndrome and was the birth of SPECS4US.

For the Down Syndrome community, SPECS4US offers comfort and fit far exceeding the standards of all other popular frame lines currently available. The innovative design enhances your child's ability to explore the world around him or her freely and clearly without the limitations placed on them by wearing glasses that are too big, uncomfortable and constantly slipping or falling off. Your child’s unique needs and features are at the forefront of our minds when coming up with solutions to the problems that use of regular eyeglasses entails for the Down Syndrome community.  Unlike other frames, the bridge of SPECS4US frames are adjusted to fit on the unique features of your child's nose, and the temples are modified to keep slippage to a minimum when being worn.

These amazing and innovative frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit people of all ages, from youngest to oldest and everywhere in between!

For more information about the advantages of SPECS4US glasses, and to order a pair for your child, contact Fox Chase Family Eye Center in Philadelphia, PA today!

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