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Shamir Workspace Lenses

Shamir Logo transp pShamir Workspace Glasses are quality computer glasses reknowned for their versitility in the workplace.

Unlike many other computer glasses, Shamir Workspace Glasses are not only made to reduce eyestrain and other computer related discomforts, but are also made with additional functionality as reading glasses. Shamir Workspace Glasses are, therefore, a must-have for anyone working in an office environment, where computer work is often mixed with paper work and other close-up reading tasks.

For more information about the advantages of Shamir Worspace Glasses, contact Dr. Lance Dunoff today!


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Dr. Schechter is also seeing patients via Telemedicine as well.

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In addition, we can still take orders for contact lenses and ship them directly to your house. Plus we will WAIVE SHIPPING COSTS! Just give us a call and we’ll order your lenses for you right away.