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BluTech Lenses

BluTech Lenses are specialty lenses made to combat the harmful side effects of increased electronics use by selectively filtering out harmful blue light to enhance visual comfort and minimize eyestrain.

computer eyeglasses northeast philadelphiaThese revolutionary lenses are made with a special filtering agent embedded within the lens material itself, which actually duplicates substances that our eyes naturally produce on their own, called ocular lens pigment and melanin. When naturally produced, these materials help filter out just the right amount of blue light entering the eye to protect against harmful effects. Wearing BluTech lenses doubles this protection, to further protect your long term eye and vision health against computer vision syndrome.

Patients who spend many hours on electronic devices are at high risk of eyestrain and glare, macular degeneration or problems falling asleep at night. Dr. Uri Schechter and his team would like every patient to know about the potential long term benefits of minimizing their exposure to blue light by using BluTech lenses.

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