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Choosing The Best Frames For You

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Properly chosen glasses can be one of the best accessories you can have to bring out the best look in you. Working with an expert, such as a licensed optician or optometrist, to choose a flattering style that works well with your prescription, is absolutely essential for finding the right look for you, while maintaining your best vision.

There are many factors that go into a well thought out choice when it comes to choosing a frame. Face shape is the first, and one of the most important. Your hair color, and complexion are also important factors to consider. Also, what will you be using the frames for? Will you be wearing them all day every day? Are they just for reading or going out? Or are they sports glasses for when you’re playing basketball or soccer? And finally, what materials work best for you? Strong and durable metal? Light, colorful plastic?

First, let’s consider:
What shape is your face?

There are generally seven different face shapes. Different frames look best on each type of face. These seven basic shapes are oval, round, square, triangle, oblong, heart and diamond. There is a simple way to determine what shape your face is. The video below will outline the best way to determine your face shape.

Once you know your face shape, it’s time to determine which frames will fit you best:


Oval. Oval faces are the easiest to find frames that are flattering. Almost any frame looks good on oval faces. This is because oval faces are symmetrical, and are longer than wide, making them the most versatile of all.


Square. Strong jaws and wide foreheads, each in proportion to one another, characterize Square faces. Frames that soften the angles of the face will look best on a person with a square face. Round, oval, and slightly curved frames are ideal, as well as narrow frames.

Round Round. Soft foreheads and chins, with no angles are characteristic of round faces. Rectangular frames are the best choice for round faces, since they will balance the softness of the face. Strong colors are also an excellent choice.


Triangle. Narrow, round chins and wide foreheads are characteristic of triangle faces. Design details and color at the top help balance a triangle face. Cat-eye and semi-rimless frames are top picks for this face shape.

Heart Heart. A wider forehead and cheekbones than chin indicate a heart shaped face. To balance this out, smaller frame styles without detail and a lower set temple are preferred. Examples of these are rectangular, square, and aviator frames.

Oblong Oblong. Square chins with a face that is longer than it is wide indicate an oblong face. This face shape looks best in round, square, or rectangular frames, with details on the temples. Frames that add width will counterbalance the length of the face.

Diamond Diamond. A face which is narrow on the top and the bottom is considered to be diamond shaped. Frames that bring attention to the top of the eyes, such as cat-eye shapes, or highly decorative frames are top choice for diamond shaped faces.