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With this procedure your optometrist will determine your exact prescription for a pair of eyeglasses . During a refraction, your eye doctor puts the phoropter in front of your face at eye level and chooses you a series of lens choices. He or she will then ask you which of the two lenses in each choice ("1 or 2," "A or B," for example) make the letters on the Snellen Chart appear sharper.

Depending what your answer, your eye doctor will evaluate the degree of nearsightednessfarsightedness and/or astigmatism you may be suffering from. They will also prescribe a set of eyeglasses to help correct these vision problems (which are called refractive errors).


We will be open for routine eye exams on Monday, May 18. Click here to read or COVID-19 Safety protocols.

Dr. Schechter is also seeing patients via Telemedicine as well.

Please call us at 215-745-0993 with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible

In addition, we can still take orders for contact lenses and ship them directly to your house. Plus we will WAIVE SHIPPING COSTS! Just give us a call and we’ll order your lenses for you right away.