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Autorefractors & Aberrometers

Your Northeast Philadelphia optometrist may also use an autorefractor or aberrometer to help asses the eyeglasses prescription needed to help your vision. A chin rest stabilizes both machine front of your head while you look at a pinpoint of light or other image.

An autorefractor assess the way an image is focused onto the retina. The retina is where vision processing takes place. Autorefractors especially useful when examining young children or people who may have difficulty with a regular ("subjective") refraction. Automated refractions and subjective refractions are often used together during a comprehensive eye exam to determine your eyeglasses prescription.

An aberrometer uses advanced wavefront technology to detect even obscure vision errors based on the way light travels through your eyes.


We will be open for routine eye exams on Monday, May 18. Click here to read or COVID-19 Safety protocols.

Dr. Schechter is also seeing patients via Telemedicine as well.

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In addition, we can still take orders for contact lenses and ship them directly to your house. Plus we will WAIVE SHIPPING COSTS! Just give us a call and we’ll order your lenses for you right away.