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Faster and More Accurate Eye Exam in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

auto phoroptor Fox Chase No more clicking dials, and “Is this better, or that better,” questions to get your new eyeglasses prescription. Welcome to Dr. Uri Schechters Star Wars Exam!

Our mission here at Fox Chase Family Eye Care is to embrace and utilize cutting edge technology to the betterment of our patients, and the autorefractor is the last component of the modern eye exam to go digital and represents the cutting edge future of optometry.

The autorefractor is a digital refractor that works in the same way as the old fashioned phoropter, but instead of having to have the doctor manually click in the various lenses, it is controlled electronically and done digitally. It fully integrates with our electronic medical records making for a seamless examination process. It also allows you to see the old prescription along side of the new, so that you can get a better idea of the change, and eliminates many human errors common in manual refracting, ultimately resulting in a more accurate prescription.

We offer this amazing new technology to all of our patients, so come in to see the future of eyecare, today!