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Eyecare for Rockledge, Jenkintown, and Elkins Park, PA

little girl at an eye exam 640x350Fox Chase Family Eye Care has been the local choice for finding a dedicated, family optometrist who cares about your entire family's eye health. We love working with kids of all ages, helping everyone find eyewear that they love and that suits their daily visual needs, and maintaining a close relationship with our senior patients to help them manage and prevent the onset of early eye disease. We see patients from Rockledge and Jenkintown and even as far as Elkins Park journey to our office just because they love the warmth, passion, and dedication of our entire team.

Dr. Schechter has incorporated various Technologies in his office to help patients discover new ways to improve their vision that go beyond typical eyewear. For children, we offer myopia management services which can help ensure their vision stays healthy and clear preventing the risk of various eye diseases. We also have Innovative technology called neurolens to help treat our adult patients their long unresolved and unexplainable headaches, neck pain, or overall discomfort which are often due to a undiagnosed visual misalignment. This technology has been the game-changer for many of her patients, because many optometric offices don't have the technology, and oddly enough, it is quite common for patients to have a visual misalignment that causes these symptoms at various degrees.