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Protecting Eyes From Blue Light

Exposure to blue light emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs could permanently damage your eyesite.

What is Blue Light?

Much research has been conducted on the effect of light on ocular health. It has been known for a while now that UV light has a negative impact on eye health and could ultimately lead to macular degeneration. Especially harmful is blue light, also know as "near UV" or blue wavelengths, which is emitted by most technology that requires an electronic display such as your mobile phone, home computer as well as fluorescent and energy efficient lighting.

There is mounting medical evidence that prolonged exposure to blue light may permanently damage the eyes, contribute to the formation of cataracts and to the destruction of cells in the center of the retina.

After a period of about 20 years, a yellowing of the lens occurs that assist in naturally absorbing UV light and protects the retina from damage due to direct exposure to UV radiation. The lens also provides partial but imperfect protection to the retina from blue light. Youths under the age of 20 have little or no yellowing of the lens and any UV or blue light which enters the eye is unfiltered and strikes the retina at full-strength exposing not only the retina, but the lens to damage.

Studies suggest neither the human cornea nor lens provides sufficient protection from blue light for our modern environment. Our ancestors did not have to deal with many hours under cool white fluorescent light, nor did they spend any time looking at video display terminals at close range. Our eyes' natural filters do not provide sufficient protection from the sunlight, let alone blue light emitted by these devices.

If blue light does have adverse health effects, then the advance of technology and the quest for energy-efficient lighting could be at odds with personal health and measures need to be taken to protect our eyes.

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