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This Month is Holiday Toys and Eye Safety Month

Holiday season is upon us and that means dolls, radio controlled airplanes, and Leapster Explorers. Well intentioned family members love treating the children to the newest toys to start off the New Year.
The American Optometric Association advises that parents learn and relay to relatives some restrictions when it comes to eye safety and choosing toys. Injuries with unsafe toys do occur, occasionally resulting in damaged eyes.

Here are some tips to protect kids from toy related eye injuries:

  1. When purchasing a gift, make sure it is developmentally suitable. Be careful not to permit young children to use toys and games intended for older siblings.
  2. Show children the safe use of toys. Before play, if possible carefully check new toys and games for broken or loose pieces.
  3. Supervise little children during playtime.
  4. Prevent eye injuries by discarding toys with pointed tips or catapult launchers.

Before you purchase the latest game that your child has been itching for, spend a few moments to check toy safety guidelines. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your loved ones, not the emergency room doctor. Avoid a trip to the ER this year and have a joyous holiday.


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