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Maintaining Safety for Your Eyes at Home

As September marks Home & Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to focus on ways to keep your house eye safe specifically in purchasing toys that are safe for your kid's eyes. It's important to be proactive to make sure your home environment is safe for your kids' eyes.

Naturally, kids are born with a partially developed visual system that progresses as they get older. As part of regular baby optical development, newborns can see objects at close range only. Throughout their developing stages, kids are visually stimulated. Toys can be one of the best ways to stimulate a youngster's vision. Nevertheless, you should consider that a lot of childhood mishaps take place at home, many of them with toys.

What's the simplest way to avoid accidents? There are many precautions you can take when buying toys and games for the home to guarantee your child's eyes are protected.

First of all, be sure long-handled playthings - such as sticks- have curved edges, and prohibit or monitor young children carefully if they are handling them. While building blocks are usually safe for kids of all ages, it's important to make sure the sides are rounded, in order to reduce the risk of eye damage. It's recommended that you steer clear of shooting toys, such as arrows or guns. If you can't eliminate them altogether, then shooting toys should be monitored by a responsible grown-up. When letting older children play with chemicals or tools, be sure to give him or her protective glasses.

What else can pose a problem in your house? Toys are actually just the tip of the iceberg. As a parent, it's your job to go through your home and make sure there's nothing that could endanger your children and their eyes. The number one risk is chemicals that haven't been locked up properly. If youngsters can reach these solutions they are at great risk.

While it's true that toys may not always be totally harmless, there are lots of excellent toys that can help children's eyesight. There are many toys tailored to particular ages that offer terrific ways to advance visual development. When choosing toys for children, go for those that focus on coordination between the hands and eyes and will help children to understand spatial relationships. You may want to consider trying to look on the Internet before entering the toy store. Then you can do your best to make sure your purchase will protect your children and will enrich their visual development at the same time!