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Contacts and Makeup: Suggestions from your Philadelphia, PA Eye Care Practitioner

For those who wear contacts a number of guidelines should be followed when applying makeup. Below are some basic pointers on ways to be sure your eyes stay looking great and safe.

Buying Cosmetics

First and foremost, eye care professionals recommend that you purchase only brands that are oil free and fragrance free. Further, to prevent flaking or smudging, which could end up bothering your lenses, use waterproof mascara and eye liner pencils. Finally you should switch makeup frequently - ideally switch mascara monthly, liners after three months and eye shadows every 6 months.

Tips on The Safe Application of Makeup

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before inserting your lenses. Apply all eye makeup gently to avoid scratching your contacts. Try not to apply a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and apply mascara at the midpoint of the lashes as opposed to the bottom near the lid. Never share makeup with others or put makeup on if your eyes are swollen or infected.

Another important tip is to clean off eye makeup each night with hypoallergenic, oil-free remover. Don't forget to remove contacts prior to cleaning off makeup.

Following these guidelines when using makeup during lens use can prevent red, swollen or inflamed eyes and scratches, breaks or breakdown of lenses.

When your eyes become red or irritated don't put on makeup. Feel free to contact your eye care practitioner if you have any swelling, pain, or irritation. Our Philadelphia, PA eye doctor can help you with any lens problems that you may be having.