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Winter Eye Care Advice… It’s Time for Sunglasses

You read correctly. Sunglasses aren't only an essential accessory in the sunny season. Although most people are informed of the dangers the sun poses to our eyes in the summertime, how many of us recognize that we need to take precautions during the winter months as well?

In reality, the UV rays that shine down on you during the summer months remain strong in the winter. And they could be a threat to your eyes, particularly when bounced off a bright snow. Those of you who enjoy vacations that involve snow-based activities should be especially careful if you plan to spend an extended amount of time in the intense reflected sunlight which is potentially harmful to the eye. It's very important to guard your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

So what steps should you take to protect your eyes in the winter months? Eye doctors suggest wearing sunglasses that block UV rays, so ensure that you purchase a quality pair of sunglasses that is suitable for all year round. Select a pair that you find comfortable and totally shields your eyes.

Our professionals can assist you to make sure you're buying sunglasses that provide you with the best protection. Additionally, there are many different lenses available and we can help you select the combination that fits your lifestyle. Don't forget about your eyes on the ski slopes either. The right pair of ski goggles having polycarbonate lenses can help defend your eyes from swinging branches, flying ski pole tips and other slope dangers.

This winter make sure you sport your shades... your eyes will feel the difference.