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At our Northeast Philadelphia practice, optometrist Dr. Lance Dunoff, believes that a relaxing chair side manner is every bit as important as quality eye care. At Fox Chase Family Eye Care, our eye doctor provides excellent service in a comfortable environment that’s conducive to asking questions about your vision. An informed patient is a happier, healthier patient.

Our Eye Care Practice is also a certified tear testing laboratory. This means we can provide treatment for patients that suffer from dry eye. Speak to our optometrist about how this testing and treatment works.

Eye Care Services

Better vision has a direct impact on your quality of life. Make sure that your eyes are in good health by taking the time for regular vision check-ups. Our state of the art testing services are designed to go far beyond simple prescription writing. For example, Fox Chase Family Eye Care utilizes MacuHealth AMD supplementation as well as the Macula Risk NXG genetic test to determine your risk factor for AMD. Click here for more information.

Early detection and treatment of ocular problems is critical for long term vision health. Our comprehensive eye exams are among the best you will find. But don't worry, we also do write and fill eyeglass prescriptions. We proudly serve the Northeast Philadelphia, Rockledge, Cheltenham and the surrounding area. Click here for directions to our Northeast Philadelphia office. Contact our Philadelphia eye doctor now or come by our practice today!

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Q&A with Dr. Lance B. Dunoff

Dr. Lance B. Dunoff Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Should I wear sunglasses in the winter?

Here are some important reasons why it is important to always remember to wear your sunglasses – any time of the year.

  1. A quality pair of sunglasses are also important to block harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. UV rays are just as harmful during the winter as they are during the summer. The same UV light that gives snowboarders and skiers “goggle tan” can cause damage to the eyes, which can also lead to macular degeneration and the progression of age related eye disease.
  2. Sunglasses can help prevent the symptoms associated with dry eyes during winter weather which is typically the worst time of the year for red, irritated and dry eyes.
  3. Sunlight reflected off snow can actually cause greater glare than any light during the summer months. Light reflecting off snow can make glare levels extremely high and hazardous, especially when operating a motor vehicle.



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